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The NSSAR Handbook contains the official policies, procedures and protocol for the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  It provides official guidance for the National Society’s operation, programs and activities.  The policies contained in the Handbook are established by the: (1) Annual Congress, (2) Board of Trustees, (3) Executive Committee, (4) National Headquarters staff and (5) Standing, Special Advisory and Program Committees.

The development and publication of the NSSAR Handbook is the responsibility of the Handbook Committee, whose members are appointed by the President General pursuant to Bylaw No. 18, Section 1(d). Questions or comments regarding the NSSAR Handbook, its interpretation or application should be directed to the Handbook Committee Chair.  Questions regarding specific programs should be directed to the responsible Program Committee.

The NSSAR Handbook and its periodic revisions are maintained in electronic format only, available on this webpage.  You must have Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher or comparable software in order to view these PDF files.  If you do not have a PDF reader installed on your system, download the latest, free version of Adobe Reader by clicking HERE.   Printed copies are available from the Merchandise Department, however, any conflict between the electronic copy and a hard copy of the NSSAR Handbook will be resolved in favor of this electronic copy.


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The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution

The American Revolution1763-1783 The Founding of a Nation


SAR National Society Educational Outreach Resources

SAR Educational Media –

The SAR Outreach Education program is proud to offer several new DVDs, CDs, and printed materials available to all educators, SAR members, and the general public for furthering the Society’s educational directives and outreach efforts. The addition of these resources will supplement the growing list of effective programs available to classrooms, state-level societies, and local chapters striving to achieve their education goals.

Any educational media and resource requests can be ordered using the specific form found on the following pages. Extra details or additional information about SAR Outreach Education can also be requested via email from Ms. Colleen Wilson. Your request will be noted, packaged, and mailed out to you as quickly as we can arrange the materials. Representatives of SAR Outreach Education may contact you in order clarify any details before shipping, though the information provided will otherwise be kept confidential. Please visit the SAR’s YouTube channel, available under the username “National Society SAR” for more SAR Outreach Education videos and materials online. We appreciate your participation in our outreach efforts and hope you can use these resources to inject a renewed sense of connection to and appreciation for the Revolutionary War era. Thank you!
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