August 15, 2015 – The 235th Anniversary of the Battle of Camden was Held Today.

The South Carolina State Society had a great turn out to commemorate the 235th Anniversary of the Battle of Camden on Saturday August 15th. Special Guests included SAR President General Thomas Lawrence , Southeast Regional Vice President General Dr. Ed Rigel , South Carolina State President Greg Greenawalt, North Carolina State President Tim Berly, Florida State President Lawrence Fehrenbaker, Georgia State past President James Stallings Sr, Virginia State President Reverdy Wright , DAR South Carolina State representatives Sherilyn Woodruff and Joy Scully ,Georgia Society DAR Joan Rigel . A special thank you to Compatriot Bill Vartorella who did an excellent job working with the City of Camden and Historic Camden to organize a great event.

SAR President General Thomas lawrences and First lady Mickey Jo with the South Carolina delegation Battle of Camden Commerative SAR President General address attendees at the SAR battleo of Camden memorial ceremony North Carolina State President Tim Berly renders honors SAR President General pays honor at the Tomb of Baron Johann de Kalb IMG_4148 Battle of Camden historical  marker SAR rendering honors  for fallen partiots at the battle of camden SAR Compatriots renders honors to fallen Patriots at the Battle of Camden Battle site IMG_4138 Painting of ther battle of Camden Marker on site where Baron DeKalb was killed in the battle Tomb of Colonel Joseph Kershaw IMG_4106 SAR color Guard 235th anniversary battle of Camden IMG_4124 SAR compatriots  Bob Krause , Dan woodruff and Douglas Doster IMG_4128