Gen. Andrew Pickens Chapter – South Carolina Society Sons of the American Revolution

Gen. Andrew Pickens Chapter SCSSAR

The General Andrew Pickens Chapter Serves Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties in Upstate South Carolina. It is one of the oldest chapters in the state, founded in 1925.

Click here to learn more about Pickens Family Grave Site Restoration Project at Old Stone Church Cemetery in Clemson, South Carolina


Counties Represented: Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties, South Carolina

Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:00PM at Mayberry’s Restaurant in downtown Seneca, SC. (Map and Directions). We invite any prospective member to join us for our meetings.


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Letter from Dr. Lynwood D. Jordan, Sr. to Dr. William H. Darnell dated July 5, 2004:

I have worked on the history of the SCSSAR and its chapters for years. And here are some of my conclusions after reading national records, state records, the SAR Magazine, Patriot, newspaper articles, etc. Although the SCSSAR was organized in 1889, it fell apart soon after. From 1891 to 1910 no officers or records. In 1911, the SCSSAR was reorganized at a meeting in Greenville with 18 members. Members were mostly from the Upstate. By 1919 the society records stopped. In the 1920’s interest again was shown and they started organizing chapters. The Greenville Chapter was organized in 1925. How long it was Greenville Chapter? I do not know. But a charter in 1967 gives Gen. Andrew Pickens. The Spartanburg Chapter was organized in 1926 and did not change its name until 1949. Most all of the chapters had periods of activity and inactivity (lost records, charters, etc).

Chapter Summary:


Anderson, S.C.

The chapter was based in Greenville until 1987. It has served several counties of the Piedmont section of South Carolina.

Organized as Greenville Chapter 1925

There are no records of the early years of the chapter. When organized it served Pickens, Oconee, Anderson, Greenville, and Spartanburg counties. There were periods of activity and inactivity until more recent history is recorded. The name changed to Gen. Andrew Pickens.

Reorganized: May 18, 1967
Charter: September 17, 1967
22 members
Col. Hartwell T. Bynum, President
Dr. Warren Martin, Vice President
Felix Shouse, Secretary/Treasurer

Reorganized: 1979
William Ed Henderson, President
Fred Ellis, Vice President
Harold Roberts, Secretary/Treasurer

In 1981, the chapter won the Best Chapter Award from the NSSAR; in 1988 the Best Chapter Award from the SCSSAR; in 1984 and 1989 hosted the SCSSAR State Convention; and in 1987 the Colonel Robert Anderson Chapter was formed consisting of members of the chapter living in the Greenville area. Today, the chapter serves Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties.

Present Status: Active

Copy written January 1994 for the state newsletter, The Palmetto Patriot:

The history of the General Andrew Pickens chapter should begin many years before our present-day records. Former Compatriot Aaron Boggs of Pickens, a 50-year member, is remembered as saying that the chapter was active in the 1920s. Presumably the chapter was dissolved at some time for there are no records of the chapter’s activities during earlier times.

On May 18, 1967, the new chapter was organized with 22 members and the chapter was chartered September 17, 1967 at a meeting held in Greenville, S.C. at the Colonial Court Motel. State President Francis Murray Mack installed Colonel Hartwell T. Bynum, President; Dr. Warren Martin, Vice President; and Mr. Felix Shouse, Secretary/Treasurer as officers of the now 25 member chapter. At this time the chapter covered the counties of Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, Greenville, and Spartanburg.

Since its new formation, the chapter has presented Junior and College R.O.T.C. awards, Heroism, Law Enforcement, Bronze Good Citizenship, and Eagle Scout medals. The chapter has visited the Duke Power Nuclear Station, the restored plantation home Woodburn, and Tamassee D.A.R. School. Annual events include Veterans Day Parade participation, DAR-SAR functions, and cookouts, in addition to the quarterly meetings.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Constitution, compatriots, with members of the Old Hickory Chapter C.A.R., formed a color guard in Revolutionary War period costumes and participated in a special event in Anderson, S.C. attended by some 5,000 citizens.

In 1981, the chapter won the Best Chapter Award from the National Society, in 1988 the Best Chapter Award from the State Society, in 1984 and 1989 hosted the State Convention, in 1987 the Colonel Robert Anderson was formed with members of our chapter located in the Greenville area.

The chapter accepted the invitation of the General Andrew Pickens Chapter D.A.R. in Clemson to mark the grave of Alexander Ramsay, a Rev. War patriot. On May 16, 1982 during the ceremony Compatriot Tom Ramsay, a great-grandson of the patriot, unveiled the marker.

Near the home of General Pickens there grew a willow tree. In 1967 this tree was destroyed by a fire. Before the fire occurred several cuttings of the tree had been taken and planted. On Feb. 12, 1983, the chapter joined the Oconee County Historical and Recreational Society in the planting of a cutting from the willow tree at the original site.

Note: Both the 2003 Chapter Summary and the 1994 copy written for the Palmetto Patriot state that the membership at the date the charter was granted was 22. This is error as there are 26 members listed on the 1967 charter.

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