SAR America250 Memorial Bench Erected in Savannah

Dedicated 2022

I learned Friday that “National” was so impressed by Compatriot John Trussell’s work on the 250 benches (they loved the two some of us contributed to and had erected in Savannah) that they are discussing making it a National SAR effort.

I’d settle if we could just erect one in every region in our South Carolina Society.

I saw the effect it has on people, when they took turns taking pictures sitting on one with their children after we dedicated it in Washington Square (while it was raining).

Funny thing happened Saturday. I saw a fire truck hiding behind the Kroc Center. So, thinking they didn’t know I had the sheriff’s permission to fire and might interrupt the demonstration I walked over to thank for what they do for us and see if there was a problem. “Oh, no sir, we just slipped away to watch the cannons fire.”

The kids had a blast. One asked me, “How old do you have to be to join the SAR?” 

Sonny Pittman