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South Carolina Society, Sons of the American Revolution America 250 Celebration
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A message from SCSSAR President Rev. Lawrence Mills Peebles and SCSSAR America 250 Committee Chair Joe Babb.

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A message from Past President General Davis Lee Wright. The following is an excerpt from PG’s address at Congress 2021 in Tacoma, Washington. PG Wright Outlines how the SAR Will Focus on the Upcoming 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution

Fellow Compatriots,

In the lead up to my election as PG, many compatriots ask what the SAR’s marching orders would be for my term. At Congress, I had the opportunity to briefly preview my plans to the council Presidents general, the Council Vice President’s General, the Council of State Presidents, and several committee chairs. Now, I am pleased to let everyone know that the general marching orders for the SAR will focus on the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution. But what does that mean?

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Other organizations are counting down to July 4, 2026. While July 4, 2026, will be in essential celebration for the SAR, celebrating that singular event is not our charge. Our charge is for a broader in scope and much longer in time; it is not a short term or one time project. Our mission is to plan – and execute – a celebration of our Patriot ancestors and the entirety of their contributions to the United States. Our Patriot ancestors struggled and rebelled for over a decade end and actively engaged in open warfare for eight years – to guarantee or liberty.

We owe them nothing less. Our mission, therefore, is to celebrate and commemorate the entirety of the American Revolutionary period from the 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party in 2023 to the 250th anniversary of British Army’s departure from New York City in 2033.

As we look forward to the year ahead, I believe the pandemic has provided the National Society with a solid foundation that we can leverage to develop and execute this mission. The pandemic taught us to be flexible; it accelerated the adoption of new technologies. However, we must adapt again as the world emerges from the pandemic but continues to use visual electronic communication technologies. While Zoom is no substitute for face-to-face contact, let alone the experience of standing on battlefields, State House, home fronts, and camps where the American revolution took place or in the cemeteries where we remember our ancestors sacrifices and honor their legacies, we must continue to develop ways to bring these events to our compatriots and the public no matter where they are located.

I look forward to joining you for many of these events, and I challenge you to ensure that these events include our revolutionary war related organizations so that we can deliver on our shared mission to educate the public on our history and the ideals that have shaped our nation.

The 250th Anniversary will be the best opportunity this society has to capture the American people’s attention and attract and retain new members. Our focus must be on educating the public-and our perspective membership Dash on the importance of the American Revolution and why we must continue to celebrate the accomplishments of our Patriot ancestors. We are uniquely qualified to educate the public about the individuals who fought, struggled, and suffered for – and ultimately prevailed in gaining – liberty and independence. These individuals are our ancestors; it is our responsibility to tell their stories.
During the coming year, we will evaluate our current programs and newly develop programs by following: how does the program educate the public of our ancestors’ decade long struggle for independence? How does this program engage the public? How does the program contribute to membership growth? And most importantly, how will this program advance or commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution?

Some of this work has already started. Specifically, I have asked the council of youth awards to evaluate and recommend changes to the applications and contest criteria used for various use the word programs to discuss the 250th anniversary. The 250th Anniversary committee is tasked with developing or enhancing partnerships with the DAR, the CAR, the American Battlefield Trust, the National Park Service, and other Revolutionary War-related organizations to develop joint programs that will help promote the American Revolutionary period. The communications committee has been tasked with developing press releases and other information materials that can be provided quickly and published by a State Society or a chapter regarding various topics related to the American revolution and the 250th anniversary. The Americanism Committee and the Historic Sites in Celebrations subcommittee will be tasked with developing ways to engage the public at our commemorations and celebrations and reevaluate the Americanism report to prioritize public engagement. I am aware that many of our national committees State Societies, and Chapters have already thought about how they would commemorate the American revolution or are actively managing several public commemorations. Now is the time to turn thoughts into action. Now is the time for all compatriots to get excited about the 250th anniversary, to renew our commitment to your patriot ancestor and the SAR, and to determine how you can contribute to the SARs efforts to celebrate this important date.

President General Davis Lee Wright

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President General Davis Lee Wright

South Carolina Society Sons of the American Revolution America250 Committee

Chairman: Joe Babb

Thomas Blackmon
Matthew Breen
Felix Gravino
Tom Hanson
Gordon McCay
Sonny Pittman
Ted Walker
Dan Woodruff
Jim Wyrosdick

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