Update Information for the Commemoration Second Siege of the British Stronghold of Augusta – September 18, 2021


Fellow Compatriots,

I am pleased to report that participant signups for the 240 th Anniversary of the Second Siege of Augusta Commemoration are going well (and continuing to grow day by day). And I am pleased to inform that I am getting quite a few emails and phone calls from participants around the country (one yesterday from Houston, Texas) who are asking if we can broadcast this year’s live commemoration on zoom. Compatriot Rick Reese is looking into that for us.

This past Friday Ted Walker, President of the Henry Laurens Chapter in Aiken, and I visited with our Kroc Center POC to coordinate on some issues/concerns. Ted made a video while we were there showing the inside of the 400-seat chapel and the large field behind the Kroc Center where we will render honors and stage a battle reenactment. Ted’s video can be viewed at the following link.

From my Friday notes, I’d like to answer some questions some of you have asked me to investigate.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Department has cleared us to fire our black powder muskets and cannons during Constitution Day at St. Paul’s Church on Friday, September 17 th and the Second Siege Commemoration on Saturday, September 18 th. Sue tells me we may be going inside the church on Friday morning, so our safety officers will need to clear and rod all muskets.

We will be allowed to take our muskets inside the Kroc Center Chapel on Saturday. I assured the Kroc Center folks that we will perform safety checks performed before weapons are taken inside the building and auditorium.

There is a covered area attached to the Kroc Center where we can render honors with our muskets in case of inclement weather.

Rick, The Kroc Center has Wi-Fi in their building, but we will need a “hot spot” in the field.

The wearing of face masks inside the Kroc Center is optional at the present time but may change depending on what the City of Augusta does as the new Covid variant surge continues.

There is ample parking and Compatriot Jerry Brigham of the COL William Few Chapter in Augusta is working on booking rooms for us in several of Augusta’s finest hotels. Our Chamber of Commerce is assisting former Augusta Commissioner Brigham in that effort.

The Second Siege of Augusta Commemoration will be free and open to the public.

This will give us an opportunity to enhance our education outreach and further our recruiting efforts.

The press release will be going out this week. Please feel free to disseminate it to your local newspapers and media outlets.

There will be a wreath registration table set up near the chapel entrance doors (please try to arrive by 10:30 AM to check your name off and register a new wreath). There will be four wreath lists: SAR, DAR, CAR and Other Organizations/Individuals. And, we will have a wreath positioned in front of the stage for presentation by the public in attendance.

The Augusta Fire Department will be staging two hook and ladder trucks at the entrance to the field from which to display their large US garrison flag for us.

If you think of something else you would like to know about the commemoration or have a question, please don’t hesitate to call, or email me.

My thanks ahead of time to those of you who have already signed up and intend to sign up to attend/participate. And I thank those of you who’s personal and chapter donations are helping to fund this and future Siege of Augusta anniversary commemorations.


Sonny Pittman,

LTC, USA (Ret)

Event Coordinator

Chairman, Americanism Committee SCSSAR

Compatriot, Henry Laurens Chapter SCSSAR

Dual Member, COL William Few Chapter GASSAR

H 706-860-1050

C 706-951-2160