Youth Programs

The South Carolina Society, Sons of the American Revolution sponsors a number of programs that educate and reward the youth of our state.

SCSSAR Youth Program Brochure.

Sergeant Moses Adams Memorial Middle School Brochure Contest

Chairman: Ivan Bennett

Information & guidelines can be found here.


Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest

Contest is open to fourth or fifth graders, whichever year the American Revolution is taught. The theme for the poster is usually announced in May of each year. Information & guidelines can be found here.

Chairman: Ivan Bennett


Knight Essay Contest

Contest is open to all second through fourth year high school students in public & private schools. Each contestant prepares a written essay on an event, person, ideal, or philosophy associated with the Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, or the framing of the U.S. Constitution.

Knight Essay Committee Chairman: Glenn Ohanesian

P.O. Box 2433 Myrtle Beach, SC 29578-2433


George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest


Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest

Contest is open to all second through fourth year high school students in public & private schools. Each contestant presents a speech, with a written manuscript, on an event, personality, or document pertaining to the Revolution showing a relationship to America today.

Chairman: Nat Kaminski


Rumbaugh Oration Contest



This program fosters the principle of the “citizen-soldier” exemplified by the Minutemen of the Revolution. The medal presented to a cadet or midshipman has been approved by each branch of the US Military. The choice of the recipient of this medal is made by the instructor of each respective unit.

Chairman: Matthew Breen


ROTC/JROTC Recognition Program


Eagle Scout Contest

This scholarship contest is open to all Eagle Scouts who are currently registered in an active unit and who have not reached their 19th birthday during the year of application. There is no restriction on when the Eagle was awarded. The application consists of  a two page form, a four-generation ancestor chart, and a 500 word essay.

Eagle Scout Committee Chairman: Coby Alexander


The Arthur M. and Berdena King Eagle Scout Program



SC Society SAR Scholarship

This scholarship is open to any high school senior in an accredited public or private school in South Carolina. The winner is chosen on the basis of academic achievement and their demonstration of the characteristics which best reflect the principles and beliefs of the SAR.

The deadline for the SCSSAR Scholarship is May 1, 2021. All application materials must be received by 12:00 PM
May 1, 2021. No exceptions or extension will be made.

South Carolina SAR Scholarship Chairman: Redding I. Corbett, III


SCSSAR Scholarship Official Rules

SCSSAR Scholarship Application Form

SCSSAR Scholarship Recommendation Form

SCSSAR Scholarship Personal Statement Form


Benjamin Franklin Reading Program

This program seeks to encourage students of all grades to read about the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers. Students receive a certificate for reading five books about the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers, or other aspects of American Foundation History. A parent, guardian or teacher certifies that the student has read these books and returns the statement to the local chapter. 

There is no deadline for participation.

Chairman: Ivan Bennett



Colonial Ball